Everyday Easter

Photo by Pisit Heng on Unsplash

Just another Monday. It’s so tempting to ‘move on’ from Lent and Holy Week. But that to me would be religion. A meaningless habit aimed to impress others and earn ‘brownie points’ with God.

Yet I chose to see it as a spiritual chance to reboot and refresh my relationship with God. What I have discovered and rediscovered during this season ought to affect the way I live in the mundane environments from now on.

Seeing Jesus passionate resolve to obey the will of the Father, causes me to subscribe to the same longing for an uncompromising obedience.

His ‘I couldn’t care less about popularity’ makes me want to please God vs. man more than ever. Remember, Jesus never won a popularity contest and neither should we expect to win one….

I love the fact that suffering hallmarks the entire salvation story. It isn’t edited out. This confirms that God is IN the midst of our stark and dark realities of a fallen world.

He extends grace to the undeserving. To the sinner. To the condemned and despised thief. That’s me. And that’s such good news.

He despises the self-righteous. Those who see themselves above the need for grace. Those who make excuses and justify sin. Those who spend more time judging others. And that’s me too, at times.

The resurrection proclaims a new start, a myriad of supernatural possibilities: miracles, transformed lives, an otherworldly Kingdom breaking out in people’s lives and circumstances. And to that, I’m addicted!

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